My first post as a professional blogger and more to come

First of all, thanks for stopping by and appreciate your time in reading this blog. I am John, a researcher primarily. I love everything that make living beings unique. I did finish my PhD recently and am working as a research scientist at one of the molecular labs. I love everything what general people like and take interest in everything that makes me and others around me happy. I have started this blog to write about everything that interests me and that might invigorate interest in you. My sincere attempt here will be to write whats going on with me and with the world both scientifically, but not politically. You will find posts here on my wall, related to all areas such as technology, biology,environment, health and others. Please feel free to post you comments and suggestions. I once again appreciate your time and interest in this post and the blog in general. Happy reading and have a nice day/night. I hope to find some niche for myself in this big world of blogging and world wide net. Adios.


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